About us

nackt makes shoes for people who like to move and be moved.

Beauty is what ultimately drives us, so we're collaborating with master artists to help us shape and convey our conception of it. Human excellence and the natural world - that's our bag.

Manon is our first barefoot shoe and the first expression of our vision.

An elegant leather trainer for men and women, Manon draws on the aesthetics of 1970s track and field to harmoniously complement just about any outfit.

Inspired as we are by rhythm, dance and athleticism, we had to create something that was sympathetic to joyful movement, a shoe that let the human body do its thing. We had no choice - it had to be a barefoot shoe.

Refined looks, a flexible sole, zero-drop and an anatomical toe box - these features are necessary but not sufficient. Without the right craftspeople, there is no shoe. We are lucky enough to work with a beautiful family-owned factory in Portugal who have been employing the best practices and materials for decades.

Manon is our opening gambit - we hope you like it.